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Factory Sounds with Relaxing Rain


The combination of the mechanical sounds from a factory with relaxing rain is actually very nice.  If you’ve never thought of factory noise as relaxing you should have a listen to the preview below.  The repetitive mechanical sounds can be very soothing.  Rain is always soothing.  Put those two together and you have something special.

Preview the sound in the description below.

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Preview this sound:


You can download this sound as an MP3 file in two lengths: 75 minutes or 10 hours. The 10 hour version is too long to burn onto an audio CD. However, it is perfect for your digital device to play (iPod, mp3 player, smartphone, etc.).

This 75 minute version is the right size for burning onto a CD (audio CDs hold a maximum of 80 minutes). You will need a blank CD to put it on, and of course you will have to research how to do that on your computer (it is not too hard). Click here for information about how to burn a CD (a new window will open).

All of my sounds features an 8 second fade-in and 8 second fade-out, so if you have it on repeat in your CD player, it should be less abrupt when it repeats and hopefully will not wake you up. Two options available for download:

  • 75 minute long mp3 file (perfect size for audio CD creation) -around 140MB download
  • 10 hour long mp3 file (sleep all night – too long for a CD) -around 562MB download

Please remember: If you are listening on small laptop or through smartphone speakers, you will get a very different sound experience than if you listen on big desktop speakers or when using headphones. This is especially noticeable when listening to thunder. Small speakers will not be able to reproduce the low rumble part of thunder. Even putting your phone face up or face down will give rain a very different sound when playing. Trying different things can give you some really interesting results. Enjoy!

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10 Hour MP3, 75 Minute MP3