Oak Creek Canyon outside Sedona, Arizona in 1080p HD Video

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►Sedona, Arizona is a wonderful place and Oak Creek is no exception.  It runs right through the city and is one of the highlights. This sound was recorded next to Slide Rock Park and makes a great natural white noise … Continued

10 Hours of a Small Waterfall with Singing Birds

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►This week’s update features 10 hours of the sounds from a small forest waterfall with some nice Arizona birds singing in the background. Something to think about: To effectively combat stress, we need to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. You … Continued

Tiny Waterfall at the Tonto Natural Bridge

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►Enjoy 5 hours of relaxing tiny waterfall video in 1080p HD.  It’s kind of a nice change from the big waterfalls you normally hear.  This one: Tiny.  This was filmed at the Tonto Natural Bridge near Payson, Arizona. Something to … Continued

10 Hours of Forest River Sleep Sounds

►This week we get to enjoy 10 hours of forest river sounds. Something to think about: Tips for Reducing Stress Accept that there are events that you cannot control. Keep a positive attitude; rather than defaulting to negatives (”Nothing goes … Continued