10 Hours of Heavy Rainfall

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►This sound features 10 hours of nice and heavy rainfall.  This is my second heavy rainfall sound and I hope you really enjoy it. Something to think about: Meditate: A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. … Continued

Oak Creek Canyon outside Sedona, Arizona in 1080p HD Video

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►Sedona, Arizona is a wonderful place and Oak Creek is no exception.  It runs right through the city and is one of the highlights. This sound was recorded next to Slide Rock Park and makes a great natural white noise … Continued

Mozart in the Rain ~Classical Music for Studying and Concentration with rain and thunder

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►Few things are more enjoyable than relaxing to some Mozart.  Few things are better than listening to rain and thunder.  Ever wonder what would it would be like to listen to Mozart during a rainstorm?  Well wonder no more!  I … Continued

Rain and Thunderstorm Sounds ~ Ambience For Relaxation -10 Hours

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►Here is a great 10 hours of rain and thunder.  The image you see is one that I captured while shooting a time lapse of a storm coming through right at sunset.  I’m not sure I’ll ever capture another one … Continued

10 Hours of Jungle Rainforest Rain & Birds & Bugs

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►This is a fun recording of a downpour of rain in the jungle.  Of course, you have your local birds not caring at all about the rain and a chorus of bugs in the background. Something to think about: Decompress: … Continued

Rain on a Tin Roof Storage Shed for 10 Hours v.2

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►Like rain? Like rain on a metal roof?  Like it better on a tiny tin storage shed?  Welcome to your favorite sleep sound ever.  This was recorded in my tiny metal storage shed. In fact, it is the storage shed … Continued

10 Hours of Wind Chimes, Wind, and Grasshoppers

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►Here are 10 relaxing hours of wind chimes blowing in the wind.  You can also hear some scratchy branches hitting a roof and a chorus of grasshoppers around. Something to think about: Meditate: A few minutes of practice per day … Continued

10 Hours of Occasional Thunder and Rain in Autumn

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►Kick back and enjoy 10 hours of rain and occasional thunder in autumn.  Leaves are changing.  Cold is coming.  Get out those blankets and get to sleep. Something to think about: Tips for Reducing Stress: Accept that there are events … Continued

10 Hours of Thunder and Rain with Light Cricket Sound

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►Enjoy 10 hours of nice tropical rain and awesome thunder sounds for you.  If you love rain and thunder like I do, then you need to look through the entire site.  I have a lot of them. Something to think … Continued

Desert Nature Photography with Cello Meditation Music 4K Ultra HD

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►This new video is a 4K Ultra HD nature photography slideshow with Cello Meditation and 4hz binaural beat background sound. Enjoy my desert nature photography slideshow.  I had fun making it and a lot of fun taking all the pictures. Something to … Continued