I will try to answer some common questions for you.  If you have any question that you don’t see here, or you just need more information, please go to my contact page and send me a message.

Why 75 minute downloads?

They are made to fit onto an audio CD.  Those CDs, when playing audio, hold 80 minutes of music. If I made them the full 80 minutes, there is a chance that they may not fit perfectly with your recorder.  Plus, if you get even a tiny scratch around the edge of the CD it will probably start skipping or get stuck.

How do I “burn” a CD?

It is called “burning” a CD because you are literally using a laser to etch or “burn” the information onto a CD.  If you need help making a CD with your computer, please click here for some instructional videos.  It is not that hard. Remember to set your recording program to make an Audio CD on the slowest write speed your program will allow.  You should also “finalize” your disc.  Click here to instructions.

Should I open the file or save it?

Save it!  Don’t click on “open”.  You want to save the file to your computer or device.  Just try to remember where you saved it.

What is Tinnitus?  Do I have it?

I don’t know.  I’m not your doctor. However, I can tell you this: Tinnitus is basically a constant ringing in your ears.  Some people have that ringing temporarily, but others have it all day everyday and it does not ever go away.  One common form of “tinnitus masking” is listening to white noise, or other similar sounds, like rainfall, shower sounds, river sounds, hair dryers, or radio static.  Many people listen to these sounds because it hides the ringing in their ears while they are listening.  They just don’t notice it.  It doesn’t work for everyone, but for some people it may be the difference between a sleepless night or a full night of sleep.

Can I buy a CD from you?

Sorry, but no.  I only sell you the digital download.  Most computers how have a CD burner built in so it is not hard for you to make one.  I actually looked into selling CDs through Amazon.  They have a service that would make a CD for you on demand and send it to you with a nice case and everything.  The problem?  It is crazy expensive.  They take a massive cut and they charge a fee on top of that.  It would basically have to charge you around $20 to make it worth while.  Maybe in the future, as more and more new computers move away from having CD burners, I will start doing that.

What is the recording quality of your MP3s?

Short answer:  Very high quality.

Long answer:  The 75 minutes downloads are MP3 files encoded at 256kbps.  The 10 hour downloads are MP3 files encoded at 128kbps.  128kbps is equivalent to CD quality audio.  It is every bit as clear and enjoyable as any of your music CDs.  The 75 minute downloads are left at a higher quality level.  Personally, I really can’t hear a difference.  Why not go 256 on the 10 hour files?  Easy.  They would be HUGE.  They are already around 562MB.  If the 10 hour files were 256 they would be around 1.1GB.  I don’t think anyone wants to take up that kind of room on your smartphone for just one audio file.

P.S.  The information written on a CD is uncompressed.  MP3 audio is very compressed.  It compresses to around 1/11th the size.  That is why small mp3s sound as good as much larger CD audio. (1,411kbps CD x 1/11 = 128kbps MP3)

Can I request a sound?

Sure.  I love getting requests.  I will always do my best to create a sound that fits your needs.  Just go to my contact page and send me a message.

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