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This website and the YouTube channel were created to help people who need a hand getting to sleep.

Do you suffer from insomnia?

You are not alone! Some say as many as 60 million people suffer from insomnia in the U.S. alone. I don’t have to tell you the toll it takes on your mind and body. You already know.  Finding ways to fall asleep and stay asleep are really important.

Many people find that listening to a sound they like when falling asleep helps to calm their mind.

Other people need to play something in order to mask the surrounding ambient noise that is keeping them from relaxing and falling asleep.

I am sure you can find a sound here that will help you rest, relax, or fall asleep.

Of course, my YouTube channel was the main focus. However, more and more people are interested in listening to relaxing sounds without a computer nearby, or an internet connection. That is why I made some other options for you. Let’s start with the main place:


YouTubeYouTube Channel

This is where you will find all of the videos. New ones are up every week. Of course, you can also find an update for them posted here on this site.  However, if you want the full video experience, this is the place to go.  There are many different relaxing sounds, videos with a blacked out screen and an alarm built into the end, 1080p HD videos, and I am even starting to make some 4K Ultra HD videos.


SleepDroid Studios StoreMy Online Store

Next is our digital download store.  Is there a sound you would like to download? You can check here to see if it is available for download. You can buy and download either a 75 minute mp3 file, or a full 10 hour mp3. The 75 minute file is for burning to a standard music CD.  The 10 hour version is best for making sure you are not interrupted all night long.


googleplayThe Apps

You can now download one or all of our apps. You can download the larger SleepDroid Studios Deluxe app that has 60 different sounds for you to enjoy on your Android device.  There are also some FREE apps there for you to download. They are smaller and don’t have as many sounds… but they are also totally free with no hidden data tracking.  How great is that?  Just head to the Google Play store to have a look.


Contact Me

Visit my contact page LOCATED HERE to send me an email.  Please make sure you enter your email correctly.  If you spell it wrong, I won’t be able to reply to you.